About us

We have been operating on the market continuously since 2000.

We are constantly developing our business. Thanks to great experience in customer service we are able to prepare our offer on the basis of our clients’ needs and expectations.

Who we are

We are one of the longest operating and most renowned car rental companies in Warsaw.

We offer a wide range of luxury and business car rentals.

We keep up with the latest innovations in the automotive industry and enrich our offer with the most common brands and models of passenger, luxury, sports and off-road cars recognised among professional drivers.

We provide our customers with:

●      Effortless contact with our customer service department.
●      Individual adjustments to the customer expectations.
●      Qualified staff and specialist advice at every stage of our cooperation.

We offer short-term and long-term car rental for entrepreneurs, individuals and companies.

Euro Style offers an attractive offer of short-term and long-term rental services, specially tailored to the needs of small companies or larger enterprises.

Short-term car rental

Short-term car rental means using the car for up to 30 days. During the term of the rental agreement you have the opportunity to travel freely in the car of your choice.

Long-term car rental

If you want to rent a vehicle for a longer period, more than 30 days – long-term car rental may be an ideal option for you.

If you are an owner of your own company and you decide to take advantage of our long-term rental offer, you will not only get a guarantee of the perfect technical condition of certain car models, but also minimise the maintenance costs of the company’s car fleet.

Thanks to this service, the company’s budget will not be drained, and your employees will be able to enjoy a comfortable, smooth and safe drive during business trips or delegations.

Why is it worth using the services of Euro Style – a professional car rental company based in Warsaw

Taking care of the interests of our client is an absolute priority for us, so we make every effort to ensure that our services are distinguished not only by an attractive price and an excellent car fleet, but also we do our best to reach the largest possible group of potential contractors.

We constantly enrich our offers, preparing functional and practical solutions, and at the same time we are happy to use the functionalities offered by the wide range of the Internet. The online booking process runs smoothly and hassle-free, allowing our website users to choose the service and specific car model freely.  The cars available in our car rental in Warsaw have been divided into specific  groups and classifications, thanks to which the offer is kept in an aesthetic and legible form.

We leave the choice of the pick-up location for the selected vehicle to our customers, because we aim at providing our potential contractors with maximum comfort and time-saving solutions.

Elegant and sophisticated models of the most popular producers available at Euro Style

A wide selection of the most popular and recognised car brands, available in our Euro Style car rental in Warsaw, is an absolute tribute to the customer, and at the same time a guarantee of the perfect technical condition of each model.

We keep service books, technical inspection certificates and remove any minor malfunctions in order to provide great comfort to future drivers. The safety of our customers is a priority for us. Moreover, attention to the smallest details related to the ideal appearance and condition of vehicles is the key to success in the automotive industry.

Shiny body, elegant and comfortable interiors, smoothness and stability while driving on any surface – all these elements create an ideal proposition that we individually adjust to the needs and expectations of each client.

You are welcome to take advantage of our services and professional advice from our qualified specialists.